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Lucy V in the Shower

10 Mar

Lucy V in the Shower.

Lucy V Used to be a Suicide Girl

18 Jan

Who knew that British glamour model Lucy V has a history of being a Suicide Girl!? I guess its not surprising but still, I think these pics are a pretty cool find. She looks great!

Lucy V in the Shower with a Friend

7 Dec

Not sure who Lucy V’s big breasted friend is but either way, they both look very nice while taking a shower together in these pics.

Lucy V Sunbathe Topless

6 Dec

Sexy self-shot pics of   Lucy-V enjoying the sun while topless! Those down below looking up shots are blowing my mind right now. If you ever get the chance to snap pics of a naked girl, make sure you include a couple of those shots.. they always rock!

Lucy V in a bathroom

3 Jun

Lucy V runs a bath and gets hot and steamy naked!